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Our Story


The Organization was initiated by Nosipho Ngcobo in 2014 to assist people who are homeless, vulnerable and destitute.  Nosipho was born and bred at Umzinyathi village in Durban, KaZulu/Natal.  Nosipho later moved to Durban for work.  She then realized that there were very high levels of unemployment, homelessness and poverty.  This worried Nosipho a lot at a very young age, She would cook from her own groceries and distribute food to as many people as possible along the Durban Beachfront.

The need to open the foundation to assist the destitute with special reference to women and youth came as result of an unfortunate incident, when Nosipho lost her Sister who had been recruited by a Man for a new job in Umzinto outside Durban.  Nosipho’s Sister never reached her destination and was murdered by a Serial Killer who was later arrested and her Sister was one of the thirteen victims of this unfortunate massacre.

Nosipho then partnered with youth around KwaZulu/Natal to register a charity organization identified as a non-profit company in South Africa to ensure legality and recognition of services.  The organization is called Nosipho Community Organisation (NCF).

NCF embarked on a process of consulting every person on the street who is homeless to assess their needs, and identify their potential problems and how they see their transition until they have attained their economic objectives.  NCF designed a model through the interaction with the homeless that would be helpful in their resettlement, the programme is known as the Homeless People Resettlement Programme (HPRP). The HPRP, although transitional in nature, it is designed to match a common characteristic among the homeless who are mostly mobile in nature and never reside in one area as they are looking for opportunities.

Nosipho identified certain similar recurring themes when talking to the homeless especially when talking about their future.  For example; “When I find a job”; “If I can develop some skills”, “If I can sort problems back home”, “If I can find accommodation.” Or “I wish I could go back to my country; “I want to assistance to quit drugs”.  To date we have registered around three hundred (400) people that are seeking help from the NCF.

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