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About us

Nosipho Community Organization (NCF) is a nonprofit charity organization solely formed to help the needy, destitute and homeless people in Durban with special focus on women and youth.

Our work.

We work to support homeless people, street sleepers, elderly without caretakers and other vulnerable.

We work with a group of community volunteers to carry out outreach and assess the needs of the vulnerable individuals and victims of circumstances, including drug addicts and redundant youth.

Through the outreach, we identify their potential problems and how we can help them.

We also endeavor to help them with legal services, counselling and emotional support to help them throughout their transition until they have attained a stable living conditions.

NCF designed a model through the interaction with the homeless that would be helpful in their resettlement in the case of homeless especially. This program is known as the Homeless People Resettlement Program (HPRP).

The HPRP, although transitional in nature, it is designed to match a common characteristic among the homeless who are mostly mobile in nature and never reside in one area as they are looking for opportunities.

We do all we can to support the needy, elderly, drug addict, redundant youth, homeless and vulnerable. We welcome and appreciate any kind of donation to help us continue giving a helping hand to our vulnerable community.
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