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NCF Programs

Homeless People Resettlement Program (HPRP)

Area of Operation:  Durban City Centre, Durban Beach Fronts and surrounding areas.
The HPRP components include the following:

1. Lobby and advocacy for the Rights of the Homeless

Issues of human rights violation and human indecency are raised with Government, and, identification of poverty alleviation projects where the homeless can work are part of the Lobby and Advocacy component of the HPRP. The eThekwini Municipality is on-board especially through the affected Local Government Ward Councilors. NCF raises the awareness of the public at large through media and community meetings on problems causing homelessness.

2. Provision of transitional accommodation and food assistance, while they participate in the in-house basic life skills and tourism related skills program, entrepreneurship development, Counseling support and Rehabilitation and Recovery Program.

3. Distribution of non-perishable groceries to HPRP participants willing to go home although their economic status has not changed and continuation of food supply while back at their areas of origin until their economic status has improved.

4. Acquire premises that are suitable to accommodate the homeless in the Durban City Centre: The long-term goal of NCF is to acquire premises that are suitable to accommodate the homeless in the Durban City Centre. At the moment homeless people who are mainly sick and unable to sleep on the streets are issued with vouchers for them to lodge at privately owned lodges that are mostly affordable and range from R20.00 to R35 per day.
Sleeping on the streets is not only a health hazard but is a punishable offence by the eThekwini Municipality as it is against the by-laws.

Amongst the homeless people themselves there is a high number of deaths that are caused by their fighting over scarce resources or drug abuse. Recently, homeless people just disappear over-night, the Municipality conducts occasional raids and dump them in the outskirts of Durban.
Some communities do not take kindly to their dumping, they beat or kill them as they have already labeled them as drug abusers who will teach their children drugs.
The purpose of this document therefore is to seek Transnet’s support by leasing a suitable property to implement the HPRP

5. Hospital visits:
We identify homeless people that are sick and refer them to nearest hospitals; We follow-up on those homeless people who are on treatment not to default.
We encourage those people on substance abuse to attend rehabilitation and provide counseling to avoid relapses.

6. Resettlement of the local homeless people to their areas of origin; and in cases of foreigners’ finding solutions either to resettle, Integrate or repatriate them to their countries of origin.
Helping Asylum seekers who wish to go back to their countries of origin are assisted with travel documents.
Assist homeless locals who have lost identity documents during regular police raids to remove homeless from the streets.

7. Transportation Assistance: We are working to see that homeless people are supported with transportation costs from Durban and surrounds to their places of origin locally and to other countries is one of NCF’s core objectives aimed at curbing homelessness.
With our community volunteers we are doing all we can to help give hope to the destitute.
We appreciate your kind support to help us to more.
Find the donation link below if you wish to support our programs.

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